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The first thing to draw attention to a ragdoll is its beautiful blue eyes and soft appearance. The Ragdoll male is a large and handsome cat. The female is clearly smaller, its coat is half length, and the coloring is typical of a masked cat. The eyes should always be blue. You will, however, fall in love just as quickly with their nature. The Ragdolls are calm, gentle and easy-going cats, and are attached to their owners and enjoy taking part in everyday life. They are generally found where the other family members are. Many people describe Ragdolls as dog-like cats, because among other things they may run to the door and greet their owners when they arrive home. All the ragdolls may not like to be held, but they definitely like to be with people. Ragdolls have gotten their name from the tendency to go limp and relaxed when picked up.

Just like every dog breed,  cats also have inherited diseases and abnormalities. Mostly, the diseases are inherited recessively, meaning that such tendencies can not be identified by appearance. Because cats can carry these recessive “disease” genes without being sick themselves, it may happen that two cats that are healthy are mated and produce progeny with hereditary diseases. So for the kitten to be sick it would have to be an unlucky individual and inherit this recessive gene from both of its parents. Often these obscure hereditary diseases will not start showing signs until the cat has already passed the kitten and teenage years.

The inheritable diseases for Ragdolls include cardiac diseases (HCM), kidney disease, and metabolic disturbance (GSD), which is examined with a genetic test. Cardiac diseases are being examined with ultrasound or genetic tests, and kidney diseases with ultrasound.

I don’t breed ragdolls, but I have some cats living with me, and one of them is going to have kittens, for Dollyblues – Cattery which is owned by Niina Kivi. Contact her, if you are interested in a Ragdoll kitten.


”You are up then you are down - you are yes then you are no”


FI*Dollyblues She's Everything

Ragdoll ♀

Bluetortoise bicolor (RAG g 03 true/mhw)

Dob. 15.11.2017

Weight: 3,2kg

Ragdoll HCM Dna: N/N
HCM + kidneys: Healthy

FeLV/FIV: Negative

Blood group: B

Sointu is a curious, though prepared girl. Strange situations are a little too exciting for her, and she’s not so inspired by strange animals, but the outside world is explored with enthusiasm and interest. Walking outside in a harness is the thing for Sointu, especially on warm days she loves to walk longer and further – with the cat’s zen-like walk, of course.

Sointu is in no way a lap cat, but hanging around and cuddling are things she likes, and she will be happy to be petted if she finds the situation suitable. Sointu has a temper, a strong one indeed, which can be seen in situations in which the lady DOES NOT like - in several situations you have to take a hold of her, which can lead to biting. Sointu has never been in cat shows because of the excessive white in her, so I do not know how she would behave there. Often when we go to strange places, she stays longer in her crate and watches the situation, and only then she agrees to explore the area more accurately and more curiously, often entices to play and in most situations agrees to eat. Sometimes Sointu will surprise me with her boldness, and at times she will again prefer to stay in her own crate for longer.


"I'm a queen and this is my kingdom"


Ragdoll ♀, sterilized

Blue bicolor (RAG a 03 true)

dob. 21.06.2015

Weight: 4,5kg

Ragdoll HCM Dna: N/N

FeLV/FIV: Negative

Blood group: B

FI*Dollyblues Feels Like Summer

Kide is the most cautious of my cats. She is not enthusiastic about strangers, and is most clearly my cat. If in good luck, Kide can give you a chance to pet her - generally she likes to be close, but not quite within reaching distance. New situations will make Kide nervous and her eyes as big as plates. Kide also hides herself rather than exploring exciting things. Kide does not usually come along outside with the others, as she does not enjoy it.

Greed is the rescue of Kide in many situations, along with delicacies, a number of things have been a little nicer that she is attracted to try. She also has a temper, and even in her worst heat, the boys will first get the claws before she even considers letting them come near her. Nevertheless, Kide is a kind and gentle cat. With each litter, Kide is the one who is most in the kitten box and helps other moms to care for their kittens. Kide is also endlessly patient with kittens and she is easy to take care of.

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