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Bio Sensor Program

Our litters are undergoing the Bio Sensor program developed by the US Army to stimulate the development of the puppy's brain synapse. The development of the puppy's nerves is very active at 3 to 16 days of age, and the Bio Sensor program focuses on that age. The number of synapses between brain cells affects the entire nervous system. The more synapses between the brain cells, the more the animals have the potential to use their brain capacity. The earlier the nervous system begins to develop, the more synapses emerge during the critical development phase. At the same time, Bio Sensor also benefits the puppy in socializing, and the method fits the puppy into handling. A pet with a good nervous system and stress-tolerant abilities can also be taught more effectively in adults and work better in demanding situations.

  • Earlier development of the nervous system

  • Better cardiovascular performance

  • Better resistance to physical illness

  • Better problem-solving ability

Bio Sensor has been studying the impact of puppy development among others in the following areas:

The Bio Sensor program is performed on puppies once a day from 3 to 16 days old. The stimuli of the program are not part of the naturally occurring stimulus of the puppy of the age. The program is not repeated more often because excessive stresses cause more harm than good. A puppy will go through five passages:

1. Touch Stimulation

Tickle the puppy between the toes of one paw with a cotton swab. It does not matter whether the puppy is reacting to the stimulus or not. Duration of 3-5 seconds.

2. Vertical position (top up)

Hold the puppy in both hands so that it is upright, head above the tail. Duration 3-5 seconds.

3. Vertical position (bottom down)

As above, but head down. Duration 3-5 seconds.

4. Back Position

Keep the puppy on your palms on its back. Duration 3-5 seconds.

5. Thermal stimulation

Put the puppy on its stomach on a wet, fridge-type towel. Do not block the puppy if it try to crawl off the platform. Duration 3-5 seconds.

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