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Why a purebred cat?


So what makes a purebred cat better than a country cat? Frankly, nothing makes it better, just different. Both have their merits. 
Because humans breed purebred cats, not-so-desirable traits also come along, such as overbreeding: the ears of American curlies are so tight that they can't even be cleaned and sometimes have to be widened by surgery, the muzzle of Persians and exotics is practically inside the head and they breathe as if through a whistle , Scottish fold cats almost all have a painful cartilage disease and the cats live in pain all their lives - even those individuals with straight ears. 

On the other hand, ground squirrels are not studied and breed recklessly, sometimes with their siblings or their own parents. This leads to the result that there is no sure basis for comparison as to whether pedigree cats or country cats are healthier. So the argument can go on forever, but it's unlikely to be certain very soon. However, the same diseases can be found on both sides.


Purebred cats are most often born in the care of people, they are handled daily and they get used to the sounds of life. This leads to puppies being more social and braver - they enjoy being around people. Their births have been planned, the family trees have been researched and weighed carefully, and the desired aspects have been thought out from that combination. A lot of health tests have been done on both parents to check that the puppies get the best possible genes. 
This is very rarely the situation for country women. Most often, puppies are born where it hurts - both inside and outside. There is not necessarily any information about the father, or if there is, nothing is necessarily known about his background. Not to mention any tests. 

Kilppari 3 vkoa.jpg

Simply put, purebred cats come from the hands of some kind of trained professionals, they have taken courses and studied about cats, breeding, birthing and many other things.  They also choose a puppy that is suitable for your family._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Country dogs have either multiplied by accident or (at least usually) accompanied by amateur enthusiasm and you selected the puppy that pleases the eye right then or that you think works well at that very second. 

Then there is something to think about; do you want a puppy that you know the background of, where it has lived and how it was raised, what diseases the family has or doesn't have? Maybe a pig in a sack, because with country cats, both health, character and family roots are just a game of lottery.  Of course, the rescue aspect appeals to many and it's great that we want to help and make an impact, one cat at a time. Every cat deserves a loving home. 

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