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"There are many wonderful things in the world, it amazes and amazes the little wanderer"

Norwegian forest cat ♀

Black silver ticked with white (NFO ns 09 25)


sp. 22/04/2021

Weight: 3.5 kg (12.12.2021)



HCM: cleared by ultrasound (29 August 2022)
Kidneys: healthy ultrasound (29.8.2022)


Blood type: A


Pk-Def: N/N

The latest clean...
Fungal test:-
Stool sample: 23.08.2022

PL*Forest Eyes Sarri

Tellervolla on yksi pentue kissalassamme:

Myi is always there where it happens. And where there is food, he is greedy with a capital A. Favorite toys are small, such as bottle caps or tinkling toys and pencils. Myy is social and likes to get close to people, climbs into their laps and especially onto their chests, seeking contact a lot. 

Lives in a foster home in Espoo with two other cats in a family with children.

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