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In memories

Sometimes it’s time to let go, it’s always too soon. Be it unexpectedly or on the long journey of old age. Sadness is left behind, but memories live on forever.

When we take a pet we need to know and understand that it is not going to live longer than we are. And so it's meant to be, because who would take care of them then? You don’t have to be prepared for it, but you need to be aware of it. Because there comes a moment in the road of every owner when it’s time to let go. Sometimes the moment is not clear and you face a difficult decision. Then don’t think about the words of others, your own feelings, but think about your pet: is the life quality good - can the situation change in some way if the answer is no? Is it capable of living a happy life? If the answer to everything is no, the time has come.


"Never give up. Today is hard, Tomorrow will be worse, but the day after Tomorrow will be sunshine"


Open air Viva Valeria

Saluki ♀

Particolor, Fawn

dob. 24.10.2015

Height: 64cm / ca. 19kg


Elbows: 0/0

Hips: A/A

Back: VA0, SP0, LTV0

Viima is my first saluki. I was waiting for three years to get my own saluki puppy. Viima is not entirely my own - she’s owned by Tuuli Souka , Aavatuulen –kennel, and just lives with me. When she came to me, Viima seemed temperamental, independent, and courageous. It turned out that courage did not belong to Viima’s characteristics.

Viima is the dog that has led me to think more deeply about dogs, their nature, and what I regard as important. Viima has also taught me that pickynes is not an obstacle - but it is a great slowdown in training. Of my dogs, Viima has taught me the most patience, mercy - both to myself and to dogs - and the importance of breaks and the distance.

Viima loves running free, and nowadays, I even have the courage to keep her free in the right environment. Viima is so picky that she does not always eat her own food. One day, the treats may be good enough to eat, and on another not, even though they are the same stuff. Everything new is first nibbled for a few days and spit out before it is found to be edible.

At home, Viima is certainly the easiest dog in the world. She is happy to be near, somewhat cuddly and warm, and being alone at home is not a problem. Mostly, when she is running free, she enjoys having playmates, and accepts even new ones to join the run. But when on the leash, she gets frightened by people, other dogs, and even bicycles. Uncertainty is also evident in situations where we have guests, as Viima responds strongly to them coming into the house – she might even try to snap at their feet. She calms down later on, but as you can imagine, people tend to get nervous around her. Features causing that behavior are a combination of sharpness and wariness, that make her quick to use her teeth.

As a runner, Viima is amazing, even though we haven’t been competing much. In dog shows, Viima has also received pretty good reviews for her beautiful appearance. There is definitely nothing more beautiful than to watch Viima running free, full of joy.


"If the stars guide the way, you are the brightest one"


Starsky Zip Zap Zakop

Bordercollie ♂, castrated

Blue Merle

5.11.2012 - 22.11.2019

Hight: 58,5cm / ca.25kg


Elbows: 0/0

Hips: B/B

Eyes: OK

Back: VA0, SP0, LTV1

Halla was my first sport dog, and with him I started my journey in this wonderful sport dog and kennel world. Without him I would have missed a lot of this, and might not be where I am now.

Halla was a very energetic and cheerful boy, with a glint in his eyes. His favorite game was tatters and he tremendously enjoys learning new tricks - especially target work and clicker training. Halla had been engaged in agility, obedience, and rescue. However, this short career came to an end when a free running dog attacked us. That's why, Halla was most of his life in early retirement, and consumed painkillers every day. That was why Halla worked mainly as a decoy dog , and we did little tricks at home now and then. Halla loved outdoor activities, doing things together, and running wild and free. He did not function with sheep as desired, and therefore was not suitable for herding. The question is whether this was due to Halla's pains, or was something that Halla had inherited.

Halla mainly tolerated other dogs, and playd only with a few of them. He mostly avoided conflicts and dodged, and only when cornered and without any chance of escape, Halla started to growl and show teeth - which coulds easily and quickly turn into conflict. Halla was greedy with the big G, which, of course, made training and many everyday situations easier (plus the medication was easier to give). On a day-to-day basis, Halla was an easy type  to travel with, walk with, and even stay as guests with friends.



"This reminds me of when we were young"

Mixed breed (not registered poodle) ♂, castrated


20.6.2003 - 3.10.2017

Hight: 34cm / ca. 8kg

Dany was my first own dog. Dany is a dog with whom I got to practice the everyday life of an ordinary dog ​​owner - the beginning to start developing at all, to see the dog's life cycle from birth to death and to learn much more along the way.


Dany was our whole family's dog ​​all his life, I couldn’t take him with me because the stress level would have gotten too high with the move - it was tried once, but it was too much stress for Dany and it didn’t work well, and I didn’t have the skills or opportunities to train solitude at a slower pace. Dany, who was born to us, was a very good family dog. The way a family dog ​​is supposed to be, there was no problem with any everyday things. Not in nail cutting, not traveling, and not with humans or animals. So everyday life went smoothly, although Dany didn't have to stay home alone very often, but it also went smoothly. Unless the environment was foreign.


"Seems like you're fickle, fickle as can be"


Ferret ♀, sterilized


21.06.2013 - 15.03.2014

Kuura was my first ferret. It was eager and very kind when we got to an agreement that biting would not get her far. After that, it didn’t even bite the guests. It never became house trained and she moved around the litter boxes mostly wanting to do her things behind the box. Kuura was a very brave and outgoing girl, she loved to sleep in my sleeve, and it wasn’t bothered by the extra attention she got when we walked on the streets and elsewhere.

Kuura came to me, accompanied by a long period of reflection and enthusiasm, and left so unexpectedly that no one could have prepared for it. Half an hour after the first symptoms of the disease, Kuura was gone. I'm still longed for a ferret in my life, but yet the situation havn't allowed it. Maybe one day a little girl will be able to enrich my life again. But no one replaces Kuura, she was the first <3

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