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Who am I



I'm Vivian Valli, I currently live in Nurmijärvi. Our family has had a dog since I was in preschool. In this case, the breed was a poodle. A few generations of poodles later, I moved to my own place and got my first hobby dog, border collie Halla, and went to study to become a zookeeper. It was then followed by another dog, Routa, which I finally had to give up due to a dog attack, to my great sadness, when the girl didn't adapt to the pack anymore with Halla and my old poodle Dany.

The first cat came to the family in 2015 and the breed chosen was a ragdoll, which I wanted to invest in to learn more about cats, exhibitions and cat breeding. My original intention was not to get more cats, and in no case will I start breeding cats myself. However, things led from one thing to another, soon I had another foster cat, Rae, whose breed was a Norwegian Forest Cat. The cats started to follow and my herd grew in size with saluki girls too. After a few puppies, I was completely sold  on raising cats.

In our family we have had a dog since I was in pre-school. Back then the breed was poodle. A few generations of poodles later I moved away and got my first hobby dog, Halla ​, and I went to study Animal Care. It was followed by another dog, Routa, which I was forced to give up when she was attacked by a strange free running dog and didn’t get along with my other dogs after that. 

The first cat came into the family in 2015 and was selected to be a Ragdoll, which I wanted to be a foster cat to learn more about cats, exhibitions and cat breeding. Initially, my intention was not to take more cats, and in no way start to breed cats, but things changed soon I had another cat from another breed, a Norwegian called Rae, who came to me through a few bends. The cats started to come in, and my pack grew in size even with Salukis. After a few kittens, I was already completely sold to the life with cats as well as for Salukis. I graduated in 2016 and after that I started studying animal training, which I graduated in 2018. Now I am studying to become a animal nurse. 

I am particularly interested in brave and greedy pets, who can work together with us and  to conquer the world, for example by hiking or doing tricks. I also appreciate the fact that the animal does not hop on walls if you are sick for a few days, and doesn’t have energy to do anything else than to whip up and watch TV on one couch.

I sell my puppies and kittens to homes where they can be mainly family members. Exhibitions and hobbies are certainly a plus, but not necessarily a must. I want the pets to be loved and cared for, with whom they do things together at the stage they are inspired by themselves and their pets.

My fostering experience has been more than positive and I have experienced a lot with every litter and every breeder who has trusted me so much that has given me the puppy or kitten to grow. I hope I can share this good same kind fostering experience with other people.

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