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Breeding principles



My goal is to grow good-natured dogs for various sports and hobbies, as well as courageous and accompanying cats. The dogs and cats chosen for breeding are carefully evaluated. The everyday functioning of dogs is the most important feature for me – everyday tasks should be smooth and without problems. In cats, on the other hand, I appreciate the courage and the sociality, even in foreign places. Our puppies and kittens are going through the Bio-Sensor program. Puppies and kittens are getting used to different platforms and voices, and socialized to people of different ages, animals and places, so that they will grow into best buddies for their new owners. When the puppies and kittens are about 6 to 8 weeks old, their nature is evaluated to know what kind of family each one is best suited to.


Cats and dogs coming to breeding are thoroughly investigated. In addition to research, I want to focus on holistic health, taking into account autoimmune diseases and allergies. A dog or cat whose health is even suspicious will not be bred.


Both in cats and dogs, I also appreciate a good appetite. No animal lives without eating and training animals is much easier if they are not very selective about their food. That is why I am trying to use breeding animals that have a good appetite and cups are emptied in a quick minute.

Life Expectancy

For breeding, I would like to pay attention to the preservation of genetic diversity, by importing and using animals from abroad as well as by considering the degree of germination also from older generations. The natural growth and fertility of animals are also the things I want to pay attention to. If an animal does not make its heirs itself, it either will not make them at all, or the time is just wrong.

The Breed-like appearance

The animals used for breeding  have to look natural, not exaggerated in one direction or another. The male and female I choose, as far as possible, will compliment each others characteristics. I personally appreciate that the breed's appearance also takes into account the purpose of use, and that the animal is also capable of carrying out its intended use.

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