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Photo (c) Tuula Martinen

Liekki x Varis

FI*Meridie's Blossomfall /  FI*Felesin Toni Wirtanen

11.10.2017 / 4.11.2018

TUA f 03 / TUA ns

HCM: ultrasounded healthy / HCM: ultrasounded healthy

Felv/Fiv: neg. / Felv/Fiv: ei tutkittu

Bloodgroup: A / Bloodgroup: ei tutkittu

Inbreeding in  8. generations: 2,41% 

Pictures of the kitten

Liekki is definitely the most courageous and curious of my cats, or any cat I’ve ever seen. Although not that cuddly of a cat, she enjoys staying on my shoulder from time to time. She won’t stay for long, because in a minute she wants to move around again. She’s our family's quicksilver.

Varis is a playful and social two-year-old boy. Among your own family he is usually always there where everything happens. He likes to play and love hingh places! Varis gets along well with children, even though he is quite an old soul. He does not approve quests, but comes to look at them afther a while. 

The kitten was born 11.11.2020 and will be ready for new home earliest 3.3.2020.


1. FI*Nietosten Suomi Neito
"Tossu", (TUA ns 03)

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