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Pluie x Fiocco

Royal Rascal du Mythe de Séléné /  Lonecat Kindred Spirit

27.3.2020 / 19.7.2020

TUA fs 25 / TUA ay 02 21 64

Felv/Fiv: neg./ neg. / Felv/Fiv: neg./neg.

Blood group: A / Blood group: A


Inbreeding percentage in generation 8: 0%

Pictures of puppies

Pluie is a temperamental, but easy to handle and kind cat. It doesn't like strangers any worse, but is interested and social on its own terms. Pluie gets to know other animals with reservation, but mainly gets along with both cats and dogs. Outdoor activities are fun with Pluie, and when moving fast, you have to be careful that it doesn't run out of the door without a harness. He is also unusually playful and longs for closeness. 

Fiocco is a gentle and affectionate cat to his family, who excites strangers and announces this by hissing. However, Fiocco is curious and interested in strange animals, and is not aggressive towards them at all. Fiocco is not the most manageable cat, but enjoys being around important people and is very playful, as angoras often are. He is also a keen horseman and travels abroad with his family in a caravan. 

Puppies were born on 26.11.2021 and will be handed over on 18.03.2021 at the earliest


1.FI*Nietosten Velho
"Velho"♂, TUA ds 24

2.FI*Nietosten Keiju
"Keiju", TUA as 09 24

3.FI* Nietosten Peikko 
"Peikko" ♂, TUA as 22

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