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Pluie x Varis

Royal Rascal du Mythe de Séléné /  FI*Felesin Toni Wirtanen

27.3.2020 / 4.11.2018

TUA fs 25 /  TUA ns

Felv/Fiv: neg./ neg. / Felv/Fiv: not studied

Blood group: A / Blood group: not studied


Inbreeding percentage in generation 8: 0%

Pictures of puppies

Pluie is a temperamental, but easy to handle and kind cat. It doesn't like strangers any worse, but is interested and social on its own terms. Pluie gets to know other animals with reservation, but mainly gets along with both cats and dogs. Outdoor activities are fun with Pluie, and when moving fast, you have to be careful that it doesn't run out of the door without a harness. He is also unusually playful and longs for closeness. 

Varis is a playful and sociable boy. Among your own family is usually where it happens. I really like games, e.g. when climbing on a slippery floor to the main wheel, it's also nice to be up high. Varis gets along well with children, even though he is completely a mamma's boy at heart. Now that he's grown up, he's used to bragging and other bad things about the pack, but he's still a neat pack and understands that you don't need to mark your own home. Crows aren't really interested in guests at all, unlike the other angora in the family, but Crows then joins in socializing like other men, when it starts to feel like it. 

The puppies were born on 15 July 2022 and will be handed over on 4 November 2022 at the earliest


1. FI*Nietosten Kuutamo 
"Kuu", ♀ TUA fs

2. FI*Nietosten Matohäntä
"Mato", ♂ TUA a 

3.  FI*Nietosten Anturajalka
"Musta", ♂ TUA ns

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