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Health library - Growers' health

Here I have written down the information I received about the health status of the puppies in my own litters, as well as the cases of death and the causes of death. 

Space Litter:
Persecution; 1/2018 Eye swelling, allergic reaction from eye drops, 7/2019 Foreign object, 3/2019 Foreign object
As Yrja; 11/2021 Urinary tract infection, 11/2020 Study of weight loss, no direct findings, 4/2019 Removal of upper eyebrows, accidentally broken
Blacksmith; 1/2018 Eye swelling, allergic reaction from eye drops, 4/2021 Urine stones, catheterized
Under; 3/2021 Hawthorn thorn on the palate
Haze; 11/2020 Intestinitis, 06/
2021 Kbrain injury

Batman litter:
; 10/2021 Eosinophilic granuloma
Blaze; 11/2021 Hairless spot on neck, due to estrus (guys hanging on neck) or allergy? No clarity
Moon; 5/2021 Urinary tract infection, 6/2021 Urinary tract infection

Cocktail litter:

Flea;11/2020 Lättärinta

Disney litter:

Anonymous;11/2020 Stillborn, spinal curvature and several kinks in the tail

Element litter:
Vasama; 7/2021 Accidental death

Gravel; 7/2021 Eye infection, 1/2022 Head swelling (allergic reaction to thing x)
Reed;8/2021 A wound in the eye

Fantasy Litter:

Game of Thrones Litter:

Artemis; 6/2022 Acute wound had not healed normally, antibiotic course

Harry Potter litter:

Miracles litter: 

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