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Health Library -My own cats

So far, my cats have been mostly healthy.
The health issues of the litters themselves can be found separately for each litter, but I have also listed them in the breeds section, here are only the cats that are or have been in breeding use and owned by me. 
This is where I gather all the information about illnesses in my own cats - so that everyone can find the information. 

3.8.2022 A pinch, high fever and malaise, diagnosis open - suspicion of virus

30/06/2022Rae, extraction of two teeth due to tooth decay

30.6.2022 Zorbas, accidental breaking of the cranium, amputation of the pulp
12/02/2022 Sell, flu symptoms and high fever
9 February 2022Nipsu, ate the roots of a troll leaf + accidental tooth damage

1/11/2022Gravel, swelling of the head (cause unknown)
20/10/2021 Patu, eosinophilic granuloma

28/07/2021 Usva and puppies, isospora, Gravel, eye infection
30/06/2021Haze, nail injury
​10.12.2020 Pluie, lung x-ray due to coughing, no findings
19.10.2020 Haze and puppies, isospora
6 November 2020 Usva, intestinal inflammation

Positive parasite and fungus samples for cats: 

28.7.2020 Pluie, tritrichomonas and hookworms (There were also fleas upon arrival)
23/09/2021Sell, tritrichomonas
18/10/2021Nippon, giardia

18.1.2022 Kaamos, giardia

8.7.2022 Nipsu and Myy, tritrichomonas

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