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Feline parasites and fungal infection

Nowadays, cats and dogs are not recommended to be wormed regularly, instead the feces should be examined once a year to determine the need for worming. This prevents parasites from becoming immune to medication, medication from getting into the soil unnecessarily, and unnecessary medication being given to a healthy animal. 

Parasites are identified in the feces and the medicine is prescribed accordingly, also the dosage and length of the medication are estimated based on that. 
Internal parasites are rarer in indoor cats, with the exception of cats brought to Finland from abroad. It would be good to keep these days of the month in quarantine and examine the feces and fungal infections just in case. That way you avoid surprises and medicating several cats instead of one. 

​If you suspect your cat has a parasitic infection, you can collect feces from your cat within three days and send it to Movetti for examination. In the meantime, the feces should be stored in the refrigerator. 

If you suspect that your pet has a fungal infection, book an appointment with a veterinarian. 

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