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Help Poison!

Unfortunately, plants and cats don't get along very well, so if you have green thumb tendencies, make sure your cat doesn't have access to these plants.


Deadly toxic tumors

  • Lilies (Lilium, hemerocallis

  • Lily trees (Cordyline)

  • Thracian tree (Dracaena)

  • Azalea, rhododendron (Rhododen no)

  • Oleander (Nerium Oleander) 

  • Thimble (Digitalis purpurea)

  • Japanese pine palm (Cycas)

  • Palm vine (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

  • Amaryllis

  • Christmas Rose (Helleborus spp.) 

  • Shields

  • Tulip bulb 

  • Daffodil bulb

  • Prohibition (Convallaia majalis) , the water in the vase is also poisonous


If you suspect that your pet has eaten something from the list above, contact the veterinary hospital and take your pet to treatment as soon as possible!

Plants that irritate the intestines and can cause vomiting, drooling, poor appetite, diarrhea and fatigue. These symptoms can be alleviated by encouraging the cat to drink more. 

  • Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)

  • Rönsylilla (Chlorophytum comosum)

  • Cyclamen (Cyclamen)

  • Jukka palm (Yucca)

  • Rubber tree (Ficus Elastica)

  • Aloe

  • Mother-in-law (Sansevieria trifascita)

  • Ivy (Hedera helix)

If plenty of water does not help the situation or the cat's condition worsens, contact the veterinary hospital. 

Plants that irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat and stomach. Symptoms include pain in the mouth, difficulty swallowing, indigestion, drooling, swelling and redness of the mucous membranes, vomiting and lethargy. The symptoms go away on their own and can be relieved by rinsing the mouth with water and offering small amounts of lactose-free milk, yogurt or sucralfate, which creates a protective film for the mucous membranes in the esophagus and stomach. 

  • Pennant (Spathipyllum spp) 

  • Kallat (Zantedeschia spp.)

  • Vines (Philodendron spp.) such as golden vine, troll leaf and flamingo flower

  • Quills(Dieffenbachia spp.)

  • Begonia

  • Hyacinth bulb (Hyacinthus orientalis)

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