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Searching for a puppy


Huomioithan ettet minulta pentua ostaessa saa valita pentua itse, vaan katson jokaiselle pennulle ja perheelle yksilöllisesti soveltuvan, juuri kyseisen pennun ja perheen tarpeet huomioiden. 

What is important when looking for a puppy? In general, people are in a terrible hurry, you have to get a puppy now and not tomorrow and as cheaply as possible. That's why many inquiries are short and to the point: How much do they cost? This doesn't go very far. Most of the breeders don't even bother to answer, because the negative feeling has already come. The family will not get a puppy, no matter how nice and lovely it is, because the first impression has a big impact. 

In general, breeders like that the first approach is by email and you tell a few things directly: Who you are, where you live, what kind of apartment, what kind of experience you have and what kind of puppy you are looking for. If you want to give a really good impression, you can also tell why from this particular breeder or this litter, maybe visit the breeder's pets even before the litter is born or even started. 

You should start looking for puppies early, when you also have a lot of time to save for a puppy - most breeders do not sell in installments or if they do, they don't really like it. The early bird catches the worm, and so does the puppy. Sometimes there are more inquiries and sometimes less, but it is certain that those who can't wait will get a puppy more easily than those who are in a terrible hurry to get it. So ask in time, follow the plans and breeders' pages or about the plans and puppies announced on the associations' pages. The closer you get to the surrender age, the fewer puppies are available - often not even the first. And especially if you have a lot of requirements (gender, show cat, temperament, color), the answer is easily no. Therefore, temperance is a trump card. 

I highly recommend getting to know the breeders and looking for one whose values are similar to yours. See if he often has puppies, what kind of health tests he does, what are the breeding principles and all the other information that is available. Get to know the breed and associations, breeders' websites. Find the breeder that feels right for you. In this case, it is also important to think about what is most important to you in a puppy, so that you know what kind of breeder you are looking for. 

The more work you are willing to do and the more you are willing to talk in advance and the longer you wait, the more certain you will get a little one that is just right for you. It is worth remembering that you are looking for a companion for possibly even a couple of decades. So choose carefully. 

I wish everyone the best of luck in finding a new family member! 

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